Feelin’ suicidal?

If you’re readin’ this right now I want you to know that I’m proud of you. Things probably haven’t been goin’ pretty great and you’re startin’ to let the things that’re botherin’ you build up until the point where you lose control. But no matter, uh, how long it’s been since you started collectin’ those things and gotten knocked down, you didn’t give up. I think that, that deserves a lot of attention. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone 3 months without hurtin’ yourself or 3 days, I’m always gonna be proud of you for bein’ so strong no matter what’s goin’ on in your life. If you’re lookin’ for a sign not to, uh, take your life? This is it.

Somethin’ I want to pass onto you is that, uh, everything turns out to be alright in the end. And if somethin’ isn’t alright, then it isn’t the end. No matter how hard things might be right now or, uh, how bad things look, don’t give up. Why? ‘Cause a life is a life, no matter how it’s taken or how it’s looked at. Life is somethin’ that, uh, like you, is pretty important. I love you and I’m here for you no matter what happens. Don’t forget that, ight? And, uh, if you’re feelin’ like you wanna give up just remember this: live until tomorrow. And then tomorrow? Read that again.

Everything’s gonna be alright, I promise.

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